How to Recycle Business Waste Cardboard and Paper

Cindy Felton is based in northern Nevada where she works together with our Reno/Sparks team educating customers on how to recycle materials for commercial cardboard recycling. Cindy points out that some customers have become used to putting their recycling all into one recycling bin. The problem with putting all of the recyclables into one recycling bin is that not every commodity has a value. When you mix materials that are recyclable with ones that are not, everything get dirty, then they must be separated for recycling, incurring sorting fees and losing their recycling value.

The old corrugated containers (OCC) that we see here are clean and will be recycled. There may be a small amount of tape but waxed cardboard, shrink wrap, other papers, adhesive backing, and other materials have not been mixed in. This customer made wise sorting choices and their care is apparent.
When recyclable materials are kept clean, they retain their value.

Get away from streamlining and mixing your recyclable materials is best when you want to sell your cardboard scrap. Separate cardboard and paper into distinct recycling bins and from all other materials or industrial waste.
We have long experience working with customers and working with the cardboard recycling business.
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Cindy Felton can be reached at 775-302-6163.
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