Update: China’s National Sword Implementation

CCIC Approval sticker on bale of shredded office paper.

The CCIC North America visited our Tacoma plant and approved bales of shredded office paper. Green Planet 21 is in the recycling and sustainability business. We work with our customers to maximize recyclables that they generate in their plants so that they landfill as little as possible and move towards their sustainability goals. There are…

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Steve Sutta on Chinese Environmental Protection

Green Planet 21 founder and CEO Steve Sutta on the phone. In early February 2018, Steve Sutta spoke about his understanding of what is happening in the recycling business vis a vis changes in how the Chinese are doing business. He said, “We provide what China needs. What they want is really what we provide and…

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China Plans to Cut Plastic Scrap Imports

Over 100 blue PET water bottles in a stack.

Americans use up to 50 billion high quality PET bottles each year so let us find new uses for waste plastic. As we collect, bale, and transport old corrugated containers (OCC), office paper, many types of packaging, wrappings, and strappings, Green Planet 21 will continue to partner with our clients to ensure that we maximize…

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Product Destruction: Kawaii Pop Culture Textiles Shredded

Photo of shredded textiles in bales for shipping.

Green Planet 21 provides product destruction services for the secure destruction of many types of manufactured products. Our much admired Joe Martinson knew of a company with a product destruction problem. Joe asked Grey Weaver to solve it. The problem had some extra parameters for product destruction. Company “X” works internationally to design, license, produce,…

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Sustainable Recycling for Marijuana Packaging

13 five pound bags of pot

5 pound plastic bags are used to transport pot from the grower to the distributor. In November 2016, California voters passed Proposition 64, which legalizes the recreational use of marijuana for adults over 21 in California. This change rolls out in January of 2018, posing a challenge for the California legislature, which must scramble to…

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Community Recycling with Clausen House

Charles brought us a carload full of cardboard and office papers. Together with Clausen House, we worked with Charles Wright towards  some collaborative community service. Charles is the Maintenance Supervisor at Clausen House. He loaded up his vehicle with several boxes of office paper and old cardboard containers (OCC) and brown paper protective packaging. Charles dropped it all off…

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Depackaging and Composting Liquids

At Green Planet 21, our clients who are major food producers are intent on creating more sustainable workflows, on cutting their waste disposal costs, and on achieving zero landfill. Coca Cola called us when they needed to destroy 22,000 cases of a juice product they were not happy with. They wanted to be sure that the bottles…

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