Green Planet 21 and American Shredding provide shredding solutions and confidential document destruction services that are reliable, cost effective, flexible and convenient.

  • Paper shredding
  • Product destruction
  • Hard drive destruction
  • Offsite shredding services
  • Onsite shredding services
  • Confidential document destruction
  • Executive shredding containers
  • Shredding equipment services
  • regularly scheduled pick-ups
  • onsite shredding
  • one time shredding purge
  • digital media destruction
  • digital media tapes
  • hard disc destruction
  • destruction for discarded servers
  • complete recycling services

Our paper shredding services, shredding solutions, and our facilities are certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID.) We work with you to address the specific needs of your company. Your shredded material is disposed of in the most secure, timely, and environmentally responsible fashion possible.

American Shredding can help your company to save money, protect its information, and comply with state laws. When you need to find local paper shredding and destruction services,

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Off-Site Shredding Services

American Shredding offers one time shredding services, regularly scheduled, and emergency pick-ups, as well as both off-site shredding and on-site shredding.

Our off-site shredding service is a secure, convenient, reliable way and cost effective way to safely dispose of your business’s confidential documents and data. Our drivers will arrive at your facility in uniform with their identification badges, collect the material to be shredded, and transport it directly back to our facility.

All products, documents, and digital media entrusted to American Shredding are destroyed at our facility within 24 hours of pick up. Each of our trucks is equipped with a satellite GPS system and is tracked from the moment your company’s documents are picked up until they are safely inside our facility.


American Shredding is able to provide on-site shredding services that comply with NIST 800-88 standards (1mm x 5 mm particle size), the smallest particle size available in the industry.

We will drive a secure mobile shredding truck to your facility, pick up your company’s confidential documents, and have them shredded on-site within minutes. We provide a certificate of destruction approved by NAID and we transport the destroyed information back to our facility then bale and ship it directly to a paper mill for recycling.

Please contact a representative to learn more about how we can serve your needs. To learn more about our security procedures, please visit the American Shredding website: www.americanshredding.com



Total Product Destruction

American Shredding is a Green Planet 21 member company specializing in total product destruction. For manufacturers and distribution operations, we shred, crush, or slice recalled or outdated products. Sometimes, our customers need to clear their storage of things they cannot sell. We meet the growing demand for brand name protection with product destruction services for off brand or outdated products. Our clients are able to keep unsatisfactory items out of the marketplace.

In the U.S., 20% of processed food products are problematic. Contamination, incorrect labeling, wrong packaging are examples of problems manufacturers face. Innovating in the U.S., we use Kanemiya technology. For this reason, we can separate the food from the packaging, reclaim the nutrients, biodigest the liquids, compost the fibers, and recycle the packaging.

Besides being a product destruction company, American Shredding and Green Planet 21 offer confidential paper shredding, the secure destruction of data on computerized records, hard drives, and secure media destruction. Our facilities securely house a series of two or three high powered shredders to reduce material to sizes smaller than the NAID specifications. Print becomes impossible to read. Our facilities recycle the shredded matter in the most feasible and ecologically responsible way possible.

Each job is unique and we recycle as much as possible. We constantly strive to find ways to recycle products previously thought to be not recyclable. To learn more about our total product destruction services and some companies we have helped to go green and protect their branding, please visit our blog.

Electronic Media Destruction:

  • Hard Drives
  • Films
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • X-rays
  • Discs
  • Credit Cards & IDs
  • Video, Audio, & Computer Tapes
  • Computers & E-waste
  • R&D Files & Data
  • Degausing of Hard Drives
  • Data tapes

Please call one of our local shredding company representatives to learn more about ways to destroy and recycle products, plastics, and digital media destruction.

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