TOYS & Product Destruction in Texas

When our client needs to keep outdated or flawed products out of the marketplace or is storing redundant stock or goods they no longer distribute, we offer a service called Product Destruction.

Our secure facility in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area is well suited to securely destroy products by several methods. Items can be sliced, crushed, or shredded using tools that include a sequence of three highly powerful shredding machines. Watch this video for an example of when we destroyed 31 truckloads, about 250 tons, of subscription toy kits that had occupied about 12,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Each client is unique and we create custom solutions to solve your problems. At locations across the country, we have destroyed an array of items including medical devices, fashion textiles, mis-printed packaging, bottled juices, canned food, electronic gadgets, and gaming items.

There are many different reasons we are called upon to destroy goods that were initially intended for satisfied customers. It can be sad but each client has a reason to be sure it is done well.

In Texas,
call Paul Simonetti (469) 865-0838
to inquire about damaged and redundant stock disposal or industrial shredding. In other areas, contact one of our representatives:

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