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Cardboard and Paper Recycling
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Green Planet 21 collects and processes large volumes of scrap cardboard and paper for recycling. From eight Company facilities and four U.S. Ports, we ship large volumes of material to paper mills in America and around the world. In addition to cardboard and paper recycling, Green Planet 21 finds better ways to handle unused plastics, metals, textiles, and food products. For example, packaging is separated and recycled while the food inside is composted or bio-digested.

We serve manufacturers, distribution centers, retail operations, military bases, and others. We work with you and your team within your operations. We guide businesses to recycle more and to lower transportation and waste disposal costs. As a product destruction company, we handle unsellable, outdated, and flawed merchandise. Further, Green Planet 21 provides secure destruction services for confidential paper documents and electronic media.

Our half a century of expertise and leadership benefits your business. Green Planet 21 uses the most efficient industrial recycling equipment to reduce trash volumes, recycle more paper and cardboard, lower hauling and waste disposal costs, and divert tonnage from landfills. We offer waste audit services, environmental sustainability consulting, and efficient waste stream management.

Our environmental services group serves more than 1,000 corporate, municipal, and military customers in 34 states. During the past four decades, we have designed solutions for 70 Fortune 500 companies, helping several to zero landfill. As a result, we generate social, environmental, and financial gains.

The Sutta Company

Steve Sutta, President, entered the recycling and sustainability business in 1975 when he co-founded his first recycling facility. Steve wanted to "make a difference" in the world and thought recycling was a way to do it. Diverting material from the landfill still gives him joy. Steve’s sales motto is "Sustainability is good business." He sees companies change when they use the solutions that Green Planet 21 suggests. We have helped firms like Ikea, Pepsico, Kraft-Heinz and others institute business practices that enhance both sustainability and profitability. "

In 1984, Steve initiated the The Sutta Company name and brand. Sutta applies innovation and technology to make recycling a viable option for waste streams associated with industry, government, and the military. Sutta’s work expanded throughout western states to recycle wastepaper, old corrugated cardboard, plastic, metal, food packaging, and other materials. The companies he created include American Shredding, High Desert Recycling, CenCal Recycling, and Rincon Recycling.

Green Planet 21

In 2008, to systematically support and blend these businesses as a growing national brand, Steve and his partners created Green Planet 21. Interacting closely with customers, Green Planet 21 researches and designs custom systems for handling, processing, and reducing large volumes of waste material. Green Planet 21 has designed custom recycling solutions for 70 Fortune 500 companies, taking several to zero landfill. The market for recyclables is always changing. Whenever possible, Green Planet 21 finds monetary value in scrap or by-products and diverts tonnage from landfills.

Steve’s has visited more than 150 paper mills in Asia and roughly 40 paper mills in the U.S. Steve took up traveling at an early age. As a result, his worldview has been shaped by visits to more than 75 countries, mostly for pleasure. Steve earned a BA in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in June 1971. Steve says, “It has been interesting seeing the industry morph from an afterthought in the consciousness of green minded individuals to the forefront of the news. In 1975, I was the 3rd person in recycling in the Western U.S. with a 4-year college degree. Now, the Industry attracts some of the best and brightest.”



Green Planet 21 provides environmental consultation and scrap handling services to clients who are at the forefront of their respective industries. Listed here are some of the companies that depend on us.

For your business, we will provide complete and cost-effective environmental and waste services. We proudly serve our new and long-term partners.

Ace Hardware
Cardinal Health
Campbell Soup
Constellation Wine
Del Monte
Delicato Vineyards

Fresh Express
Kraft Foods
La Bonita Grocery Stores
Merit Medical Labs

O’Reilly Auto
McLane Pacific
Red Bull
Sanderson Farms
Sandia National Labs
San Francisco Chronicle


Sustainable Recycling

How will our decisions around energy and material prepare for an abundant life for future generations? Across the planet, we all aim for more sustainable ways to live and work. Our commitment to sustainable recycling has influenced every aspect of our business for forty years and counting. So, we know that truly sustainable recycling solutions are both financially and environmentally workable. Using our strategic sustainability consulting and recycling services, you save money while acting responsibly towards planet preservation.

We form working partnerships based on the unique needs of each business client, military base or municipality.  We analyze the flow of your production and waste materials and find new efficiencies. For every discard in your workplace, especially materials previously considered un-recyclable, we strive to find a better solution. As a result, you save time, labor, energy, and money.

Making a meaningful difference may seem daunting for a single individual or for a single company but it is possible. You and your company can take actions that matter. Green Planet 21 offers  strategic consulting and sustainable recycling services.

Consider this:

  • Recycling promotes environmental sustainability as well as economic sustainability.
  • Green Planet 21 can implement a safe and reasonable way for your company to recycle most discards.
  • When we we install the right equipment, we save you labor, transportation, and landfill fees.
  • If we recycle cardboard six times, our fiber resources are conserved.
  • When we recycle legal and medical documents, we gain toilet tissue and consume fewer trees.
  • Green Planet 21 provides paper and cardboard (OCC) recycling programs.
  • Green Planet 21 provides plastic recycling programs for shrink wrap and clear films.
  • By recycling copper and other precious metals, we reduce the need for mining and the destruction of natural resources.
  • Recycling creates four jobs for every one job created in the waste management and disposal industries.
  • The recycling industry creates 1.1 million U.S. jobs, $236 billion in gross annual sales, and $37 billion in annual payrolls.

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