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Metals Recycling

Recycling metal benefits the environment and your bottom line.

Solutions for Scrap Metal

We have programs for recycling ferrous and nonferrous metals including iron, aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, nickel, brass, tin, and titanium. Recycling these metals is critical to decarbonization efforts, and we want to work to make sure that any metal that can be recycled is.


We offer metal recycling services in California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Washington. 

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Customized Solutions

Our team will find a metals recycling solution that fits your needs.

In concert with your other recyclables, we'll assess all scrap metal generated at your facility and draft a recycling roadmap. We base our prices according to the American Metal Markets (AMM), so that your company always gets the best price available.

We pride ourselves on consistently giving the best price possible for scrap metal.

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From collection to equipment rentals, we make recycling metals as easy as possible. 

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Seamless Pick-up

To make logistics a breeze, we’ll train your employees to manage metals collection operations. We can even install equipment on-site and train your team to use it.

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Collection Service

To help you with collection, we offer roll-off box service holding 8-10 tons. We also offer flatbed and trailer service, which can hold up to 22 tons. Additionally, we provide 4 × 4 bins and customized equipment.


All Metals

We’ll take any quantity of scrap metal, in almost any form. We've recycled copper, tin, aluminum, steel, iron, cobalt, brass, nickel and more. Further, we can even recycle outdated machinery, including conveyors, industrial machines, and equipment.

Let’s Get your Team Closer to Zero Waste

We'll work with your company to maximize what you recycle and achieve your sustainability goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer a metal recycling pickup service?

Ans. Yes. If your company is producing a large amount of metal scrap, we can coordinate pick-up of your material and bring it back to our facilities to be recycled. 

Q. What are the most common sources of scrap metals?

Ans. There are many sources of scrap metals that can be recycled. Old vehicles, railroad tracks, ships, shopper scrap, appliances, and industrial manufacturing waste are all large sources of ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap. The top five industries that produce scrap metals are auto manufacturers, construction, appliances, airplanes, and home furnishings.

Q. What are the benefits of Metal Recycling?

Ans. There are many benefits of recycling metals. Some studies estimate that recycling metal may cut greenhouse gas emissions by 300 million to 500 million tons every year. Recycling different types of non-ferrous and ferrous metals results in a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and saves the destruction in natural resources brought by mining. Recycling steel, for example, results in an 86% reduction in air pollution, 76% reduction in water pollution, and 40% less water used overall compared to the production of virgin material. Recycling scrap metal instead of mining ore also generates 97% less mining waste.