Network Transformation

Network Transformation

We offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions for decommissioning and consolidating copper networks.


Our dedicated team of splicers and engineers have decades of experience in the art of copper cable decommissioning and compressing networks. We’ll work with you to build a more resilient network and monetize your underutilized cable.

Network Transformation Benefits

From decommissioning central offices to pulling in fiber, our team can assist with any aspect of modernizing your network.

Telecom OpEx savings

Operational Cost Savings

Maintaining outdated copper cable incurs substantial maintenance and tax costs. We can help consolidate and decommission your copper network to provide major OpEx savings.

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Improved Quality of Customer Service

Consolidating copper networks as you move to fiber produces a more resilient network. Our program minimizes service disruptions, faults, and field force dispatches.

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Cleared Pathways for Fiber

Removing old cables opens conduit pathways for fiber installations, negating the need to spend on building out duct space.

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financial return (1)

Financial Return and Investment Recovery

We recycle and sell all copper we extract. This often pays for the total costs of the project, and can even produce a surplus revenue. Talk to us about how we can help you monetize your decommissioned copper assets and central office real estate.

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Copper cable recycling (1) (1)

Boost to Sustainability Goals

You can claim up to 2.8 tons of emissions reductions for each ton of copper we recycle. Recycling your outdated copper network is one of the easiest ways to help advance your ESG initiatives.

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communications records (1)

Simplified Network, Updated Records

We'll help you simplify your access technologies and optimize your network to be as streamlined as possible. As an added bonus, we make sure to update your records during our audits and engineering,

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central office monetization (1)

Central Office Decommissioning

Unlock the real estate value of your COs when you decommission and deconstruct your old copper network.

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Copper cable underground removal (1)

Monetize Your Underutilized Assets

When we sell recycled copper, we use the income to offset the costs of the network project.

Depending on the amount of cable recycled, this leave you with a modernized network at no cost to you.

Because our program is geared toward sustainability, we guarantee that we recycle every copper cable that we retire.

How It Works

Our environmental services group has helped some of the world's largest telco companies and government agencies update their networks and monetize their underutilized and outdated copper cable. Here's our process.

Planning strategi


We conduct strategic/tactical planning to ID target cables and host cables to be used for circuit migration and perform high-level design.

Analysis data

Physical Audits

We perform physical cable audits in the CO and field to verify records info in order to provide our Engineering Team with the updated data.

Engineer cog gear preferences


We build detailed Cut Sheets in order to decommission and migrate circuits to the highest quality pathways.

Cable energy fiber network optical

Cable Extraction

We systematically cut and safely remove cleared cables using specialized equipment and processes designed for 100% safety to the network.

Circuit board electronics technology

Circuit Migration

Our veteran network transformation splicers clear the target copper cables of workers by migrating the circuits to the highest quality pathways or installing fiber from the CO to a field connection point or other CO.

Recycling & Monetization

Recycling & Monetization

We use specialized techniques to process and sell the copper into the global metals markets at COMEX prices. The cable is 100% recycled - we find ways to repurpose the raw copper, poly, lead, and any other present material.

Network Services

We’ve helped some of the world’s largest telco companies and government agencies update their networks and monetize their underutilized and outdated copper cable. Here’s our process.

Engineering solutions
Engineering solutions for compressing networks onto better quality pathways
cables electro power reel
Removal of underground, aerial or direct-buried cables
tunnel passageway road tube underground
Underground pathway, rod, rope, verification, and placement of rope or mule tape
Business management recovery
Emergency repair work for disaster recovery
Cable connector cord
Underground placement of fiber optic cable as a replacement for copper
Aerial cable splicing decommissioning (1)
Chopper truck working on underground copper cable removal
Chopped copper cable to be recycled (1)
Green Planet 21 Uitlity Services cable scrapper truck (1)
Copper cable underground removal (1)
Copper cable on reels to be recycled (1)
Chopped copper cable recycled (1)
Copper cable on reels (1)

Let’s Get your Team Closer to Zero Waste

We'll work with your company to maximize what you recycle and achieve your sustainability goals.

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