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Zero-Waste Consulting

Our team delivers expertise, technology, and scale to enable you to maximize your recycling and achieve your zero-waste goals. 


Green Planet 21 offers zero-waste and recycling consulting services to all of our major clients. We've been successful in taking many manufacturing facilities and Fortune 500 companies to zero-waste. Our goal is to optimize your waste stream and maximize what you recycle. We empower our clients to recycle everything that they can, with the aim of advancing a more sustainable future.

Custom Strategies

We’ll analyze your waste stream, furnish your site with equipment, work with your employees to institute procedures, and schedule regular collection for material. 

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With decades in the industry, our team provides expertise in analyzing how to best meet your needs.
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We’ll identify the best equipment for your facility to enable seamless collection.
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Our team will train your employees to efficiently manage operations.
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Tailored, Sustainable Solutions

An easy way to help accomplish your corporate sustainability goals.

Our team leverages innovative tools, solutions, and an extensive ecosystem of partners to help you reach your sustainability goals.

We’ve helped food processing companies, 3PLs and distribution centers, and many paper mills develop recycling systems and achieve zero-landfill status.

Our Process 

Our team will work with you every step of the way to help you reach your zero-waste goals.

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Strategy Sessions

When we're working with you, we'll analyze your current waste profile and make suggestions for major or minor improvements.

We assess the full gamut of how you’re handling waste, including unsellable inventory, scrap material from production, sensitive documentation and files, packaging, and e-waste. Our consultants present any gaps to you and your team for review.

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After analyzing your production locations that generate waste materials, our team maps out a game plan to help you identify new efficiencies.

We’ll find a solution that matches your environmental, financial, and operational goals.

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Once we’ve established a roadmap, we’ll work with your team to implement any changes that make sense. For example, we can install equipment to bale or shred materials on-site. We will also work with your employees on best handling processes and facilitate material collection on the most cost-effective basis possible.

Let’s Get your Team Closer to Zero Waste

We'll work with your company to maximize what you recycle and achieve your sustainability goals.

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