Contact the location most convenient for you. Green Planet 21 will guide you to use superior modern technology, recycle more materials, cut your trash and hauling costs, and bury less waste. Our clients use sustainable waste handling solutions and improve their bottom lines.


Phoenix, AZ

Steve Sutta 510 760-6376
Andrew Jones 480 532-9860
425 S. 15th Street
Phoenix, Arizona, 85007
Office line: 623-936-4951

Click to see our Phoenix, AZ recycling facility in this video.

In Phoenix, we offer customized and complete industrial recycling solutions for production scrap.  We gather and prepare scrap cardboard and recyclable papers for sale into the U.S. and global recycling markets. Further, we offer total product destruction.

Green Planet 21 has assembled a highly powerful shredding system in Phoenix. Our total product destruction service shreds confidential records, paper documents, books, and many types of products. Secure product destruction is often the best choice for faulty, off brand, returned, or unwanted products. Examples include secure shredding for paper, packaging, accessories, clothing, cosmetics, electronics, toys, and more.


Oakland, CA

Katherine Craig: 925-323-8269
Ben Sparks: 510-281-8232
K.C. Johnson: 209-321-0586

Green Planet 21 LLC
Main Office Line: 510-873-8777
Mailing address:
1221 E. 3rd Street
Oakland, California, 94607

Facility Address:
Dispatch: 510-281-8222
1221 3rd Street
Oakland, California, 94607

Green Planet 21, LLC
Equipment Leasing
Contact: Ben Sparks: 510-281-8232

Green Planet Utility Services
Contact: 510-318-6169

Los Angeles, CA

Ben Sparks: 562 454-7019

Stockton, CA

Pam Meek: 209-487-2197
Katherine Craig: 925-323-8269
Main Line: 209-546-8000
501 Port Road 22,
Stockton, California, 95203


Southgate, KY

Our Cable Removal and Utility Services services safely remove unused copper cables in Kentucky. Previously used by utility companies, we melt it for future uses.
Contact: Steve Sutta 510 760-6376


Reno, NV

Scott Graves: 775-302-6206
2255 Byars Lane
Sparks, Nevada, 89431
Main Line: 775-358-3000


In Northern Nevada, Green Planet 21 provides premier recycling services for cardboard and paper for industry and retail businesses. We collect and process large quantities of scrap cardboard, paper, and clean clear plastic films. We sell them into the domestic and global recycling markets. Prices are always in flux and we rebate our clients whenever possible. Green Planet 21 offers sustainability audits to commercial warehouses. If you need construction and demolition or dry trash hauling, we can help you. We have been doing all of this for 24 years in the Reno/Sparks area. Our long experience will help your business save money and recycle more.

Green Planet 21 uses the most efficient industrial recycling equipment to reduce trash volumes, recycle more paper and cardboard, lower hauling and waste disposal costs, and divert tonnage from landfills. We offer sustainability and waste audit services, environmental sustainability consulting, and efficient waste stream management. When you need recycling equipment, we can supply compactors or several types of balers. We will install and maintain it as part of a lease or a sale.


Salt Lake City, UT

Erik Brown
Recycling, Shredding &
Main Line: 801-386-9650
5185 Harold Gatty Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

Meet Erik first in our videos:

In the Salt Lake City area, we provide sustainability solutions and cost effective recycling services. Erik Brown works with companies that generate cardboard, paper, metal, and other waste materials. Sustainability solutions save our customers money, reduce their labor inputs, and progressively increase waste diversion from the landfill.

Erik does a full waste audit and creates a customized plan for each customer. Proper equipment and the fine tuning each operation and workflow leads to saving money. We help clients reduce labor inputs, be more efficient,  and recycle more material. In Salt Lake, we offer both mobile and plant based shredding. Of course, everything is shred two or three times inside a secure location.


Seattle, WA

Shawnta Adams: 206 852-2452
Main Line: 253 572-2558
2122 Port of Tacoma Road
Tacoma, Washington 98421


Serving Seattle, Tacoma, and the Port of Tacoma, Green Planet 21 offers recycling, shredding, and product destruction services. We collect and sell large volumes of clean used cardboard and paper into domestic and global recycling markets. We offer secure, certified destruction services for prototypes or manufactured products. This is when goods are mislabeled, have manufacturing flaws, returned from consumers, or are unsellable for any reason. We can shred, crush, or slice them and provide a certificate of destruction or itemized lists as needed. In Tacoma, we shred paper, confidential records, old books, and more.