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Product Destruction

Our Product Destruction services are the most secure, cost-effective, and convenient way to handle excess or unsellable inventory.


Our inventory destruction services are geared toward brand protection and compliance. When manufacturers need to keep out-of-specification items away from the marketplace, we shred, crush, or slice them by the truckload.We offer product destruction services in California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Washington. 

Why Product Destruction?

Greenplanet Product Destruction


We recycle anything that can be recycled. To this aim, we’ll separate products from their packaging, recycle the paper and plastic, and bio-digest the organic matter.

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Dollar Icons


Our product destruction services are almost always cheaper than the landfill. Talk to us to learn about how we can reduce your transportation and disposal costs.

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Greenplanet Defender


We shred, slice, and crush inventory as thoroughly as possible. Your inventory will never wind up back on the shelves.

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Photo of groceries in grocery store to indicate food waste recycling

Packaged Food Recycling

Our product destruction program helps ensure that food doesn’t go to waste. We can handle virtually any quantity of food waste.

When suppliers send us their contaminated food products, we separate the food from the packaging, reclaim the nutrients, bio-digest the liquids, compost the fibers, and recycle the packaging.

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What We’ve Destroyed in the Past

Drone to be recycled as part of product destruction program

Drones (and their packaging)

When we were given a shipment of thousands of drones, our team separated, disassembled, and destroyed all of the recyclable parts. We were able to maximize what was recycled, from the cardboard packaging to the lithium-ion batteries inside.

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Green Planet 21 employee holding condensed milk and describing product destruction services

Condensed Milk

When one of our clients needed to destroy 200,000 cans of condensed milk, we made sure it didn’t go to waste. We shredded and recycled the cans, and sent the milk to the largest bio-digester in North America, three miles from our Oakland facility.

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Green Planet 21 employee describing product destruction services for makeup


We’ve worked with beauty brands and distribution centers to shred cosmetics to bits smaller than 5/8ths of an inch. Read about our work with Systems Beauty and how we helped them check the box for brand protection.

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Marijuana packaging to be recycled

Marijuana Packaging

For any packaging contaminated with problematic material, Green Planet 21 uses specialized Kanemiya machinery. This sustainable technology fully cleans even the most sensitive of contaminants from plastic, maximizing what is able to be recycled.

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recycled k-cups coffee powder


Our state-of-the-art technology separates packaging from the food products they contain. Even when we were tasked with destroying metric tons of K-Cups, we were able to keep the material out of the landfill.

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shredded clothing material

Kawaii Clothing

We can shred any quantity of unsellable clothing inventory to ensure it never winds up back on the shelves. Our blog post about destroying shipments of Kawaii textiles is a great example of how we can help protect your brand.

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We can destroy almost anything.

Our product destruction team has handled almost any type of material you can think of. Here are few examples of categories we take. 

Consumer Goods

From barbecue grills to cellos, we’ve handled almost any type of consumer good out there.

street food noodles

Food and Beverage

We’ve helped some of the world’s largest distributors and grocers reduce landfill costs and get closer to zero-waste. Our specialized process ensures recyclable packaging is recycled and organic waste is re-pasteurized or bio-digested.

Hard drive destruction

e-Waste and Electronics

From computers to laptops to electronic toothbrushes, we can handle any type of e-waste you’re producing.For harddrives or sim cards that contain sensitive material, we’re certified for HIPAA- and FACTA-compliant destruction.

beauty products

Beauty Products

To ensure damaged makeup is never resold, we use shredders that reduce the material to bits that are smaller than 5/8ths of an inch. We’ve worked with beauty brands, distribution centers, and department stores to make sure unsellable inventory is handled responsibly.

shredded clothing material

Textiles and Clothing

We can destroy any type of textile or clothing. From t-shirts to jeans, we ensure it’s shredded, baled, and will never wind up back on the shelves.

Man standing in front of cardboard boxes to be recycled (1)
Bulk shipment of red wine bottle packaging to be recycled (1)
Port of Oakland near Green Planet 21 recycling facility. on contact page
large truck transporting recycling cargo.
bulk shipment of sunscreen bottles to be recycled
bulk shipment of toothpaste packaging to be recycled (1)
bulk shipment of wine bottle labels to be recycled (1)
Bulk shipment of bottles of water to be recycled (1)
Recycled plastic bottles from excess inventory (1)

Let’s Get your Team Closer to Zero Waste

We'll work with your company to maximize what you recycle and achieve your sustainability goals.

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