Shredding Services

Shredding Services

Green Planet 21 provides shredding and confidential document shredding services that are compliant, cost-effective, and convenient.

Our document shredding services are available in California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Washington. 

Documentation Destruction

Documentation Destruction

Secure. Compliant. Sustainable.

Protecting your company’s information has never been so easy.

Secure Shredding Services

We offer a full suite of destruction and shredding services. No job is too big or too small.

Shredded confidential documents

Confidential Document Destruction

With the smallest particle size in the industry, our shredding services guarantee security. All of our shredding services come with a Certificate of Destruction and a guarantee that the material is 100% recycled. No job is too big or too small.

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Hard drive destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives store massive amounts of data. Green Planet 21 has a solution, with NAID AAA Certified hard-drive shredding. We make sure your data is destroyed in the most secure, compliant way.

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e-Waste Destruction

Computers and cell phones contain hard drives vulnerable to ID theft. We can help! We'll collect your E-waste, shred the drives, and recycle the material. We can handle hard drives, laptops, cell phones, servers, DLT Tape, LTO, 4mm, PDAs, Card Readers, Network Cards, Sim Cards and Thumb Drives, medical equipment, and anything with a lithium-ion battery.

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bins for shredded paper

Shredding Containers

We offer gaylords, roll-offs, pallets, burn bags, slim jims, and desktop trays.

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On-site Document Shredding

Let us come to you. With on-site shredding, our GPS-monitored trucks shred your material directly at your facility. Our mobile machines can process 6,000 pounds of paper an hour, and we’re able to shred up to 400 boxes per appointment.

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Excess Inventory on shelves

Product Destruction

Got excess inventory? Unsellable or expired items? We can help. Our Product Destruction services are geared toward brand protection to ensure that your product never makes its way back onto the selves. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than the landfill.

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Compliant Document Shredding

With NAID AAA certification, we help healthcare companies be compliant with HIPPA and financial services companies be compliant with FACTA.

We screen and drug test our employees and have routinely-inspected trucks, shredders, and plants. You can trust your information is being protected when you work with us.

Baled and shredded paper

Off-Site Shredding Services

Green Planet 21 offers one-time and regularly scheduled shredding services, either on-site or off-site.

Our off-site shredding services are a secure, convenient way to protect your company’s confidential documents and data.

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How off-site shredding works

We offer one-time and regularly scheduled pickups for confidential document destruction. Our facilities ensure maximum security and are the most cost-effective way to protect your confidential documents. 


Our drivers arrive at your facility with identification badges, collect the material you need shredded, and transport it directly back to our facility to be destroyed.


All digital media and documents entrusted to Green Planet 21 are shredded within 24 hours of pick-up.


Green Planet 21 equips each of its trucks with satellite GPS systems - our vehicles are tracked from the moment your company’s documents are picked up until they are safely destroyed.

Baled and shredded documents

On-Site Document Destruction

Our on-site shredding services make protecting your company’s information a breeze

Green Planet provides on-site shredding services with the smallest particle size available in the industry.

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How on-site shredding works

Let us come to you. Our on-site shredding services guarantee your documents are destroyed within minutes. 


We drive a secure truck to your facility, pick up your company’s confidential documents, and shred them on-site within minutes.


Our team provides you with a certificate of destruction to confirm that your data and documents have been destroyed.

Shredding Outside California

If you are located in Arizona, Texas, Utah, or Nevada, please visit (a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Planet 21) to learn more about our services in your state.

Let’s Get your Team Closer to Zero Waste

We'll work with your company to maximize what you recycle and achieve your sustainability goals.

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