Cardboard and Paper

Cardboard and Paper Recycling

We recycle every grade of paper and cardboard. Our ethos is that there’s no reason to ever send paper to the landfill – it’s bad for the environment and your bottom line.

Cardboard Recycling Services

Our team of industry experts know every aspect of how paper is made and remade. We’ve kept coffee filters, silicone release paper, cardboard cores, and various chemically-treated paper boards (like wet-strength or poly-coat) out of the landfill. If it can be recycled, we’ll make sure it is.

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Industrial Cardboard Recycling

Our focus is providing tailored solutions for commercial clients.

As one of the nation's largest recyclers of paper and cardboard, we work with clients across industry to create solutions tailored to their needs. From installing equipment on your site to scheduling regular pickup of your cardboard scrap, we will maximize what you're able to recycle.

We offer cardboard and paper recycling services in California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Washington.

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Comprehensive Solutions

If your company is generating a large amount of paper and cardboard waste, we’ll create a recycling program adapted to your needs. We assess the volume being produced at your facility, conduct a gap analysis, establish a collection plan, and recommend advanced handling systems to install on-site.

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Conduct an audit and site visit
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Map out a strategic roadmap
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Install equipment on your site
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Provide ongoing recycling services
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Establish a regular pickup schedule
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Train your employees
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500 +
tons of confidential documents we destroy and recycle each month

Competitive Pricing Model

We’ll always give you the best price possible for your cardboard and paper.

Because we’re a full-service provider with plants next to major U.S. ports and adjacent to the interstate highway system, we offer a streamlined process for shipping to the most competitive destinations. In certain circumstances, our trucks can carry 17,000 more pounds per truckload than most of our competitors, reducing our freight costs and enabling us to offer our clients the most competitive price.

Moreover, we work with a vast network of paper mill partners to effectively reclaim and reprocess fiber. We'll make sure you always get the best price for your cardboard and paper waste.

Recycling baler equipment

On-Site Equipment

Installing equipment on-site can reduce your labor costs and get you a better price for your cardboard and paper.

We offer balers, compactors, and other equipment that we rent and sell. We can in certain situations provide equipment that will be paid off over a period of time by the revenue generated by your recyclables.

The return on investment comes quickly and the pay-off is big.

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Let’s Get your Team Closer to Zero Waste

We'll work with your company to maximize what you recycle and achieve your sustainability goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is cardboard recycled?

Ans. Cardboard is recycled through a multi-step process. The first step is separation; cardboard must be separated from any other materials and sorted into a homogenous shipment. The cardboard is then processed by being re-pulped, and the fibers are separated and bleached. Afterwards, the cardboard fibers are cleaned to be rid of contaminants, and the fibers are then further washed. The fibers are then pressed and rolled into paper, which are manufactured into boxes or other new products.

Q. Do you provide a paper recycling service?

Ans. Yes. We are able to accept any grade of paper or cardboard for recycling. 

Q. How does cardboard and paper recycling benefit the environment?

Ans. Recycling cardboard and paper has many environmental benefits. Each ton of recycled cardboard saves 17 trees, in addition to saving 1500 pounds of carbon dioxide that would have been released into the environment from incineration. Using recycled paper also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption compared to virgin material. Every ton of recycled cardboard saves about 5,000 kilowatts of energy and 380-475 gallons of fossil fuels. Recycling one ton of cardboard, on average, saves about one ton of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.