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Loaning Balers for Hurricane Relief

Loaner Balers for Hurricane Relief In South East Texas, we hope to help companies that need help handling scrap paper, cardboard, or ruined goods. Green Planet 21 can loan baling equipment where there is adequate electrical power and adequate volumes. Watch this video to learn more. Read about balers and compactors below. The volume of your scrap recyclables will determine how best to handle what you generate. Track your scrap volumes every month by weight … Read more

wild horse grazes near OCC compactor and semi-truck

Choose Sustainable Recycling Practices for a Booming Reno/Sparks

Green Planet 21 has been working in Reno/Sparks since 1999. Having grown into the need for a larger location, we are building our third facility on Byars Lane in Sparks, NV. Cindy Felton and Scott Graves, with a combined 22 years in the sustainability world, work with Green Planet 21 in Nevada to provide recycling services for paper, cardboard, plastics, and more. Scott Graves says, “Lets solve your recycling problems today!” Cindy Felton and Scott … Read more

Over 100 blue PET water bottles in a stack.

China Plans to Cut Plastic Scrap Imports

China Plans Cuts to Plastic Scrap Imports   As we collect, bale, and transport old corrugated containers (OCC), office paper, many types of packaging, wrappings, and strappings, Green Planet 21 will continue to partner with our clients to ensure that we maximize recycling and the value of scrap materials with persistent vigor. We expect that China will continue to buy our high quality, clean, post-industrial supply of cardboard and several grades of paper along with … Read more

TOYS & Product Destruction in Texas

TOYS & Products Destruction in Texas   When our client needs to keep outdated or flawed products out of the marketplace or is storing redundant stock or goods they no longer distribute, we offer a service called Product Destruction. Our secure facility in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area is well suited to securely destroy products by several methods. Items can be sliced, crushed, or shredded using tools that include a sequence of three highly powerful … Read more

Photo of shredded textiles in bales for shipping.

Product Destruction: Kawaii Pop Culture Textiles Shredded

Product Destruction: Kawaii Pop Culture Textiles   Our much admired Joe Martinson knew of a company with a product destruction problem. Joe asked Grey Weaver to solve it. The problem had some extra parameters for product destruction. Company “X” works internationally to design, license, produce, and market products focusing on the kawaii segment of Japanese popular culture. They were storing 32,402 garments that, for reasons we do not mention, they planned not to ship to stores … Read more

13 five pound bags of pot

Sustainable Recycling for Marijuana Packaging

Sustainable Recycling for Marijuana Packaging   In November 2016, California voters passed Proposition 64, which legalizes the recreational use of marijuana for adults over 21 in California. This change rolls out in January of 2018, posing a challenge for the California legislature, which must scramble to plan how to regulate this $7 billion industry before then. While there are many important issues that must be addressed, there are a few that require increased attention. As … Read more

Community Recycling with Clausen House

Community Recycling with Clausen House   Together with Clausen House, we worked with Charles Wright towards  some collaborative community service. Charles is the Maintenance Supervisor at Clausen House. He loaded up his vehicle with several boxes of office paper and old cardboard containers (OCC) and brown paper protective packaging. Charles dropped it all off in a matter of minutes and even earned a few dollars for his cardboard that we will sell. Gordon Rogers commented,”We are very proud to … Read more

Use Durable American Balers for Recycling

Use Durable American Balers for Recycling   Green Planet 21 offers durable, pre-owned American balers for rent or purchase. Our balers are reconditioned and fully warrantied. When boxes and other protective packaging accumulate as refuse in your store or factory, it becomes imperative to handle and remove the scrap as efficiently as possible. With a down stroke baler, the recyclable material can be compressed and tied into neat bales for easy storage and transport. We … Read more

Multiple Options for Product Destruction in Salt Lake City

Multiple Options for Product Destruction in Salt Lake City   In Salt Lake City, customers use our product destruction service over and over again. We’ve been doing a lot of these toothpaste tubes for the past 3 weeks. Here is what that looks like: For destruction, our plant in Salt Lake City is one of our most advanced facilities. We have several equipment options with which to destroy a variety of materials. We have a … Read more

Examples of Product Destruction

Examples of Product Destruction   Everywhere around the country, manufacturers have products where something has gone wrong or someone has made a mistake. Instead of burying them in a landfill at high cost, it is often viable to depackage and shred the product and recycle as much of it as possible. We guarantee destruction and prevent packaging, outdated product, and returns from being reused on the open market. For more on how products or any … Read more

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