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What to Avoid When Preparing Cardboard for Recycling

Across the recycling industry, we must all reduce and control any possible contamination to ensure the quality of the commodity materials we sell to end users. Meet Bill Anady, Plant Manager for Green Planet 21 at the Port of Tacoma. Bill says, “There is no current market for mixed, unsorted, or unclean recycling materials. This is the end of single stream recycling.” At Green Planet 21, we still take polycarbonate, the material that water cooler … Read more

12 Minutes with Steve Sutta on Recycling Today

Steve has worked with paper mills in China for 40 years. He is the founder and CEO of Green Planet 21. In 12 minutes you can have his thoughts on recycling and sustainability matters and the dynamics of the global marketplace today. Steve covers the National Sword, China’s new inspections and special actions, commingled recyclables, curbside recycling, and China’s anti pollution program. More can be learned from Green Planet 21 blog posts here:   … Read more

Update: China’s National Sword Implementation

CCIC Approval sticker on bale of shredded office paper.

Update: China’s National Sword Green Planet 21 is in the recycling and sustainability business. We work with our customers to maximize recyclables that they generate in their plants so that they landfill as little as possible and move towards their sustainability goals. There are many types or grades of scrap materials for cardboard and paper and plastic recycling. The useable scrap from our clients’ production processes is segregated at the source location then prepared for … Read more

Steve Sutta on Chinese Environmental Protection

In early February 2018, Steve Sutta spoke about his understanding of what is happening in the recycling business vis a vis changes in how the Chinese are doing business. He said, “We provide what China needs. What they want is really what we provide and have provided for years. We provide source segregated recyclables for commercial and industrial establishments. By their nature, we avoid contamination. And so, when they take it through the recycling process, the paper mill process, … Read more

Dear Suppliers: Prepare Shipments to China with Increased Care (i.e. Vigilance)

Cranes load ship at Port of Oakland

Dear Current and Future Customers: Thanks so very much for your ongoing business.We need you to be in the loop and fully understand the current situation for recyclables in China. The Chinese government has set new standards for imports to China and their inspectors are in place as of March 1st.Their inspection of the recyclables received in shipping containers includes: 100% of ALL containers will be x-rayed for prohibitives 30% of ALL containers will have … Read more

Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Even though this journalist did not mention us, Green Planet 21 IS the recycling company that is working with The Ocean Cleanup. Environmental company to clean ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ from Alameda

Loaning Balers for Hurricane Relief

In South East Texas, we hope to help companies that need help handling scrap paper, cardboard, or ruined goods. Green Planet 21 can loan baling equipment where there is adequate electrical power and adequate volumes. Watch this video to learn more. Read about balers and compactors below. The volume of your scrap recyclables will determine how best to handle what you generate. Track your scrap volumes every month by weight to prepare to earn and … Read more

Choose Sustainable Recycling Practices for a Booming Reno/Sparks

Green Planet 21 has been working in Reno/Sparks since 1999.Having grown into the need for a larger location, we are building our third facility on Byars Lane in Sparks, NV. Cindy Felton and Scott Graves, with a combined 22 years in the sustainability world, work with Green Planet 21 in Nevada to provide recycling services for paper, cardboard, plastics, and more.Scott Graves says, “Lets solve your recycling problems today!” Cindy Felton and Scott Graves worked … Read more

China Plans to Cut Plastic Scrap Imports

Over 100 blue PET water bottles in a stack.

China Plans Cuts to Plastic Scrap Imports   As we collect, bale, and transport old corrugated containers (OCC), office paper, many types of packaging, wrappings, and strappings, Green Planet 21 will continue to partner with our clients to ensure that we maximize recycling and the value of scrap materials with persistent vigor. We expect that China will continue to buy our high quality, clean, post-industrial supply of cardboard and several grades of paper along with … Read more

TOYS & Product Destruction in Texas

TOYS & Products Destruction in Texas   When our client needs to keep outdated or flawed products out of the marketplace or is storing redundant stock or goods they no longer distribute, we offer a service called Product Destruction. Our secure facility in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area is well suited to securely destroy products by several methods. Items can be sliced, crushed, or shredded using tools that include a sequence of three highly powerful … Read more

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