Product Destruction Near Tacoma

Listen to Diane Robinson tell the short story of a product destruction for a video game maker. Product destruction goes like this: A customer contacts us because they merchandise they cannot sell. Most of their manufacturing goes well but a few of their gadgets don’t work. Something fell off the assembly line and became dented.…

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Sell Scrap Cardboard

Sell scrap cardboard without these contaminants

When you want to sell cardboard scrap into today’s recycling markets, what do you need to know? Our Phoenix plant manager Rick Smith manages our plant where we process scrap materials for the world’s recycling markets. In this video, Rick shows you just what to keep separate from your cardboard. Be sure to exclude waxed…

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Product Destruction: De-packaging Canned Condensed Milk

We meet Michael with a flawed product about to be destroyed.

One of our product destruction clients needed to securely destroy 200,000 cans of condensed milk. Something was wrong with a large batch of canned condensed milk. The product did not meet their rigorous production standards. They needed to be sure it would not be one of those bad surprises, that the milk would never re-enter…

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