Choose Sustainable Recycling Practices for a Booming Reno/Sparks

August 5, 2022
East of Reno/Sparks NV along Route 80, wild horses graze and run freely in the booming new industrial area.

Green Planet 21 has been working in Reno/Sparks since 1999.
Having grown into the need for a larger location, we are building our third facility on Byars Lane in Sparks, NV. Scott Graves, with 22 years in the sustainability world, works with Green Planet 21 in Nevada to provide recycling services for paper, cardboard, plastics, and more.
Graves says, “Lets solve your recycling problems today!”

Scott Graves has worked with a large .com company that moved into the USA Parkway industrial area. He saved them 7,000.00 per month in disposal costs and created a new revenue stream by recycling what they had been previously discarding as trash. “Not only did we save them money, we increased their diversion ratio while helping them be more sustainable,” said Scott.

Reno’s business base is growing rapidly with the expansion of distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing facilities. Reno is a boomtown and it has a chance to grow in a sustainable manner, to handle scrap and all other waste streams responsibly. We already work with many clients to maximize their scrap value and bury as little as possible in the local landfill.

When people who have not been there lately think about Reno, they might imagine the historic Mustang Ranch brothel or a gambling scene not as fancy than the one in Las Vegas. They might remember when Reno had 2000 people living in tents downtown through the winter. They might think of having fun skiing at Tahoe or the tragic history of the Donner Party.

Five years ago, the area east of Reno was a stark desert with rocks, low vegetation, and wild horses running freely. This year there is lots for them to eat and they can graze right near our compactors. We want to help preserve this delicate environmental balance.
Tesla is building what will be one of the largest factories in the world to produce lithium batteries for the new S3 automobile. Other companies have large facilities there. The wild horses got there first. Every company has the opportunity to coexist harmoniously with the natural world.

Green Planet 21 is providing sustainability services to Tesla suppliers and others in the Area. The wild horses roam free around our compactors, balers, and trailers. Green Planet 21 supports the Nevada ethic of rugged outdoor living, while providing good jobs in manufacturing industries. Along Route 80, many new factories have gone up recently east of Reno to manufacture goods and to support all the human activity moving into the area. Some produce or assemble for Tesla. Tesla plans to produce 450,000 S3s next year so they need a lot of batteries, components, and parts for their sustainable cars.

For more information, visit the Reno Chamber of Commerce site,

See Scott Graves explain possible ways to handle your cardboard scrap here:

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