System Beauty Product Destruction

August 5, 2022

In this new video, Paul Simonetti takes us inside the warehouse of System Beauty. System Beauty is a third party logistics provider exclusive to the beauty industry. Therefore, the Company provides clients with logistics and shipping for beauty products. Beauty products fill the entire warehouse of System Beauty.

CEO M.C. Johnson explains, “Quite often throughout the year, System Beauty requires the service of a destruction company.” We use a destruction company for many reasons. Retailers return products that are damaged or unsellable. Moreover, returned products may have expired. Further, instances of manufacturing defects do occur. “It is critical for us to have a great destruction company such as Green Planet 21 to make sure those products don’t get out to market.“

Green Planet 21 processed the entire 26 pallet load by lunchtime. We crushed these products for total destruction. The baler applies enormous crushing force. As a result, the beauty product containers burst. The liquids soak into the packaging as the products are baled.

At Green Planet 21, we destroy many types of products. There are several methods we use to crush, shred or slice products. For various destruction projects, we use powerful shredders capable of reducing material to bits that are smaller than 5/8ths of an inch. Large guillotines to slice and reduce flexible products like tee shirts, rolls of material, or large soft plastic containers. Depending on the client needs, we alternatively separate the cardboard for recycling.

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