Recycle Cardboard Multiple Times

August 5, 2022

Clean U.S.scrap cardboard is in demand as a recyclable commodity around the world because of its exceptional qualities. Watch these videos to see what this looks like.

Green Planet 21 works within a global system to recycle cardboard over and over. Every year, the U.S. uses goods protected by many millions of tons of cardboard.In these two videos, President Steve Sutta talks about cardboard recycling and how cardboard is made.

Prized around the world for strength and high quality, U.S. cardboard has strong long fibers. At the beginning, producers mix 65% virgin fibers from wood pulp with 35% recycled paper fibers. Cardboard boxes can be used multiple times before they are recycled. For example, Frito Lay, a client in Indiana, uses their cardboard boxes five times for shipping packages of snacks. When the boxes are no longer crisp and clean and strong, Frito bales and ships the scrap cardboard for recycling.

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