Product Destruction: Kawaii Pop Culture Textiles Shredded

May 16, 2017
Green Planet 21 provides product destruction services for the secure destruction of many types of manufactured products.

Our much admired Joe Martinson knew of a company with a product destruction problem. Joe asked Grey Weaver to solve it. The problem had some extra parameters for product destruction.

Company “X” works internationally to design, license, produce, and market products focusing on the kawaii segment of Japanese popular culture. They were storing 32,402 garments that, for reasons we do not mention, they planned not to ship to stores or sell. There were 21 pallets and 601 boxes stuffed with cute and comfy hoodies, T-shirts, team uniforms, caps, and more.

We knew Company “X” needed some time-sensitive destruction and Grey worked with their Import and Global Transportation Manager. The destruction job had to be done fast, within ten days from Grey’s initial contact with the client. Four of those days were on weekends.

At first, Company “X” requested onsite destruction. We destroy paper and electronic records onsite throughout seven western states but products generally require the most powerful shredding systems, those that are housed inside our facilities. So, we arranged for the client to watch the destruction in person at our facility.

In addition to the short notice, the exact timing and the specifications of the client’s needs changed several times during the days Grey worked through the best plan for how to destroy the goods and the terms of agreement. More adjustments followed. In accordance with the customs requirements for the goods to pass through without complications, the client required highly detailed lists describing the lots and the exact methods of destruction.

When the product destruction was to begin, the Import and Global Transportation Manager followed the goods as they were trucked to our facility and watched as the project unfolded. She saw the cartons being unloaded and opened, the goods being fed into our Oakland shredding machinery, the scrap fabrics exiting the system, and then being conveyed into the baler. She left with documentation detailing the destruction of all of the products. Every one of the initial difficulties gave way to a very pleasant experience and the client was grateful. Below was part of her thank you message to Grey:

Thank you very much for letting me witness the destruction. You guys are great! You do an awesome job. Loved the experience. And you are very nice, hospitable and entertaining. I’m really glad you are my contact there.

Thanks for all your help Grey.

Grace Padilla
Import and Global Transportation Manager
San Francisco Bay Area

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