Community Recycling with Clausen House

March 3, 2017
Charles brought us a carload full of cardboard and office papers.

Together with Clausen House, we worked with Charles Wright towards  some collaborative community service. Charles is the Maintenance Supervisor at Clausen House. He loaded up his vehicle with several boxes of office paper and old cardboard containers (OCC) and brown paper protective packaging. Charles dropped it all off in a matter of minutes and even earned a few dollars for his cardboard that we will sell.

Gordon Rogers commented,”We are very proud to be able to help Clausen House.  Like Green Planet 21, Clausen House is a long time Oakland institution.  For fifty years, they have supported the developmentally disabled community in Alameda County.”

Clausen House is a Bay Area foundation that creates opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their work guides individuals to gain competency, develop relationships, and join the community with increasing command over their own lives.

Mr. Rogers is the Chief Financial Officer for Green Planet 21 and he serves Clausen House as the President of Clausen House Board of Directors. Learn more about supporting the work of Clausen House here:

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