Equipment for Rent or Purchase

Each client is unique and so is every equipment installation. Green Planet 21 aims to understand and meet your needs using a wide variety of equipment for lease or purchase. These might include balers, compactors, tippers, shredders, bottle perforators, and many types of conveyors.

Also, recycling equipment is so durable that it works well for many years. So, in addition to brand new equipment, we have an inventory of used and reconditioned equipment to consider.Here, Erik Brown in Salt Lake City discusses a few of your choices:

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Systems and equipment are a sound investment.

They pay for themselves as they eliminate the cost of labor associated with scrap collection. Each company has unique needs. For this reason, we design custom installations of our systems and equipment. Green Planet 21 offers a range of options when it comes to paying for equipment and custom systems. For example, here is a video showing how a tipper works with a compactor:

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Green Planet 21 offers steel, mesh, and recycled or new plastic containers for your storage needs. The bins are on wheels, facilitating easy transport, they are both durable and professional looking, making them perfect for use inside or outside the office. The containers have bottom fork pockets in order to allow for easy transportation and dumping.