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Each client is unique and so is every equipment installation. Green Planet 21 aims to understand and meet your needs using a wide variety of equipment for lease or purchase. These might include balers, compactors, tippers, shredders, bottle perforators, and many types of conveyors.

Throughout North America, Green Planet 21 is the sole provider of the Kanemiya 1545, a new machine utilizing groundbreaking technology for plastics recycling

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Green Planet 21 offers a wide variety of equipment available for rent or purchase, including balers, compactors, shredders, bottle perforators, air conveying systems, and conveyors. Clients who utilize scrap handling and shredding operations can greatly benefit from the use of our system equipment, as automated handling systems eliminate the demands on company property and personnel created by scrap collection.

Systems and equipment are a sound investment; they pay for themselves not only through the revenue stream generated by the sale of the collected material, but also by eliminating the cost of labor associated with scrap collection. We realize that the demands of each company vary, and for this reason we provide custom installation of our systems and equipment.

Green Planet 21 offers a range of options when it comes to paying for equipment and custom systems. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about the ways in which Green Planet 21 can assist in your company’s acquisition of recycling or shredding equipment.

Clients who have taken advantage of our equipment programs include International Paper, Proctor and Gamble, HSBC Bank, and Amazon.com, among others.


Green Planet 21 offers steel, mesh, and plastic containers for storage use. The bins are on wheels, facilitating easy transport, they are both durable and professional looking, making them perfect for use inside or outside the office.

The containers have bottom fork pockets in order to allow for easy transportation and dumping. Our carts and bins are available in new or recycled plastic.

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