When you want to sell cardboard scrap into today’s recycling markets, what do you need to know? Our Phoenix plant manager Rick Smith manages our plant where we process scrap materials for the world’s recycling markets. In this video, Rick shows you just what to keep separate from your cardboard. Be sure to exclude waxed cardboard, fiberboard, plastics, foam, SBS (bleached material), molded pulp, food, or other contaminants.

Today’s recycling markets are always volatile. You may have heard something about China’s National Sword in the news. Most recently, the Chinese government imposed new restrictions on their import policies. For several decades, China has been the largest importer of American recyclables, especially paper and cardboard. They recycle cardboard to produce the cardboard boxes needed to pack their export products. Further, China intends to clean up its environment. For the time being, we can sell scrap cardboard, and it will be clean. We provide the Chinese with a very high quality product that has less than 10% of particular contaminants.

Working collaboratively with our customers, we create custom recycling programs. As a result, our customers learn how to most efficiently handle their waste stream and recycle more materials. Depending on the volumes involved, we supply the equipment for the most efficient way to collect recyclable materials. In a reasonably short time, customers begin saving more and more money.

In our Phoenix plant, we bale cardboard and office papers, and other papers. We shred paper for confidential document shredding. We destroy products that can no longer be sold. Whenever possible, we sell what is left into the recycling markets.

Call us today to sell cardboard scrap, destroy products, shred and recycle paper, and get our expertise on having an ever more sustainable business.