A partially owned subsidiary of Green Planet 21 Inc, Green Planet 21Utility Services, is the North American leader in the efficient and cost effective removal and recycling of copper cable.  We remove underground, direct buried and aerial outside plant cable for our Telecom, Utility and Government customers.

Green Planet 21 Utility Services creates partnerships with telecommunication and power utilities, military, or government facilities that own cable networks across North America and around the world. Our clients gain new revenues from the sale of reclaimed materials as we carefully take apart the outdated networks.

Our extensive knowledge of legacy copper networks and how to approach them and maximize revenue allow Green Planet 21 Utility Services the ability to remove the cable at no cost to our customers as well as provide a large, predictable financial return on a monthly and annual basis. We remove and recycle millions of feet of telecommunications copper cable annually and are the leading experts is copper cable sales.  Our business is completely focused on the cost effective, efficient and safe removal of copper cable.  It is a win – win – win solution for our customers and the environment.


  • Large financial return for our customers
  • Reclaimed cable pathways for new fiber installations
  • Reduced network maintenance costs, lower dispatch rates, reduced air pressure costs
  • Better quality of service, customer services rolled to better quality circuit pathways
  • Old cables removed from the environment and responsibly recycled
  • World class audit tracking system that identifies location of all cable assets at all times
  • No customer resources required


Outside Construction Solutions Services offered by Green Planet 21 Utility Services:

  • Removal of Underground, Aerial or Direct Buried Cables
  • Large financial return for cable removed
  • Use of Cable Scrapper trucks improves cable removal efficiency, reduces cost
  • Engineering solutions for compressing networks onto better quality pathways
  • Underground pathway, rod, rope, verification, & placement of rope or mule tape
  • Emergency repair work for disaster recovery
  • Public right-of-way & campus-wide system cable removal
  • Cable wreck-out & removal
  • Underground placement of fiber optic cable as replacement for the old cable
  • Rental of scrapper trucks and operator for use in closed shop operations


Scrapper Trucks and Operators

for any size job.  Daily, Weekly or Monthly jobs in the USA or Canada.

Economically efficient recovery of:

  • Aerial, direct-buried & underground cable
  • Electrical or Telecom Cable
  • Apertures, splice cases, repeaters and curbside boxes
  • Damaged, destroyed cables: after fires, floods & other catastrophes
  • Cable Scrapper trucks can be rented with operators



(510) 318-6169


Engineering - Decommissioning Solutions

Deconstruction of large outside plant networks and central offices requires unique skills, engineering, equipment, processes, environmental controls, recycling, audit tracking and asset monetization. Our deconstruction experts provide the following:

  • Engineering and planning expertise for identification and verification of:
  • Cable paths, diverse paths, workers
  • Consolidate circuits and clear underutilized high cost cables
  • Outside & Inside Cable Removal (spares, workers, defective, abandoned, riser)
  • Damaged, destroyed cable removal after hurricanes, fires, floods & other catastrophes

Decommissioning Project Management:

  • Landline central office
  • Cell & microwave sites
  • Permitting and traffic control
  • Environmental approvals
  • Asset Audit Reporting
  • Certifications of deconstruction



(510) 318-6169


Zero Landfill Practices:

As an affiliate of Green Planet 21 Inc, we offer the safe and environmentally responsible recycling of all of your materials including:

  • Lead, copper, aluminum, brass – no cost removal plus financial return
  • Plastics
  • Ferrous metals
  • Universal waste
  • Racks & shelves
  • Antennas & power supplies
  • Curbside boxes: plastic and metal
  • Cardboard & paper