Dear Suppliers: Prepare Shipments to China with Increased Care (i.e. Vigilance)

March 6, 2018
Cranes loading ocean going ship at the Port of Oakland.

Dear Current and Future Customers:

Thanks so very much for your ongoing business.
We need you to be in the loop and fully understand the current situation for recyclables in China.

The Chinese government has set new standards for imports to China and their inspectors are in place as of March 1st.
Their inspection of the recyclables received in shipping containers includes:

  • 100% of ALL containers will be x-rayed for prohibitives
  • 30% of ALL containers will have the doors opened for inspection and could be partially unloaded to inspect quality
  • 10% of ALL containers will be opened, unloaded and spread out so that each bale can be carefully inspected
  • Any rejections from any of these steps could cause immediate banishment from your and our shipping to China.

Remember – The Chinese quality decisions are based on a visual inspection, that is perception, and any rejects cannot be verified by actual sorting in China.  Prohibitives & Outthrows cannot be greater than .05% combined.

  • Prohibitives are anything that is not made completely of paper
  • Outthrows are paper that is not kraft or corrugated cardboard

Please  reach out to your sales person with any questions.

This is what Dianne Robinson has shared with her clients in the Seattle/Tacoma region and we wish to share it throughout the Company.

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