Loaning Balers for Hurricane Relief

October 16, 2017

In South East Texas, we hope to help companies that need help handling scrap paper, cardboard, or ruined goods. Green Planet 21 can loan baling equipment where there is adequate electrical power and adequate volumes. Watch this video to learn more. Read about balers and compactors below.

The volume of your scrap recyclables will determine how best to handle what you generate. Track your scrap volumes every month by weight to prepare to earn and save more money. Compared to a compactor, being able to bale at your location translates to a higher price for your tonnage and lower freight costs and that more than offsets the minutes it takes to tie and stack a bale.

If you collect 20 tons/ month, a baler is the most efficient way to handle your scrap. There are several types and styles. Businesses frequently start with a downstroke baler like the one in this video. Scrap is loaded and compressed until there is 600-800 pounds of OCC in the chamber. Next the bale is tied with wires, ejected, stacked, and stored until a full trailer is ready to be shipped to our facility for processing and shipping to the paper mill.

Compactors are also used to collect specific types of scrap, usually OCC or office paper, production scrap, newspapers, etc. The compactor tube or box is gradually filled with 3-6 tons of scrap that is fed into the compacting mechanism, sometimes with a cart tipper.  Most of the compactor boxes we use will hold 4 tons, maybe more. The compacting machinery uses 31-43 psi as it presses the material deep into the box or tube. In some locations, electronic monitors use text messaging to alert the recycling team when the compactor box is nearly full and will soon need to be swapped out for an empty one. The full compactor is driven to our recycling facility where the contents are baled then shipped to a paper mill to become new paper products.

Watch a compactor with a tipper in this video:

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