What to Avoid When Preparing Cardboard for Recycling

April 23, 2018

Across the recycling industry, we must all reduce and control any possible contamination to ensure the quality of the commodity materials we sell to end users. Meet Bill Anady, Plant Manager for Green Planet 21 at the Port of Tacoma. Bill says, “There is no current market for mixed, unsorted, or unclean recycling materials. This is the end of single stream recycling.” At Green Planet 21, we still take polycarbonate, the material that water cooler bottles are made of. We also take shrink wrap, the material used to secure goods onto pallets.

This video shows a few examples of what to avoid when recycling cardboard. We can no longer handle waxed cardboard, the material commonly used for produce boxes. We can no longer handle plastic strapping. Recyclables must be uniform in quality. When suppliers send us material that has other materials mixed in, it is contaminated and we have to expend effort to clean it up and improve its value. That eliminates or reduces the rebate to the customer.

Bill has built a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable people to work with our supplier clients. We can guide your business to recycle more, landfill less, and maximize any rebates that remain possible.

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