Product Destruction Near Tacoma

July 19, 2018

Listen to Diane Robinson tell the short story of a product destruction for a video game maker.

Product destruction goes like this:
A customer contacts us because they merchandise they cannot sell. Most of their manufacturing goes well but a few of their gadgets don’t work. Something fell off the assembly line and became dented. Possibly, the packaging came out printed incorrectly. Or, someone else has produced a low-quality knock-off of their trademarked line. They have captured those low-quality knock-offs and need to destroy them. There are lots of reasons but the need is there.

When you need product destruction, we can do it. When a customer arranges delivery of flawed products or overstocked goods, we can slice, shred, or crush them. Sometimes, we need to partially disassemble packaged goods in order to recycle paper or cardboard, or plastic.

Product destruction is often superior to tossing flawed products into a dumpster and hoping they get to a landfill. The producer is liable for unintended outcomes. Dumpster divers do dive in for attractive items to sell on Ebay or Craig’s List. Actually taking the step to destroy the product may be the best choice.

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