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How to Recycle 5500 Drones and Their Packaging

Green Planet 21 and Clausen House recently collaborated on a pilot program for training developmentally disabled adults in recycling work. The Clausen House trainees established a busy rhythm of unpacking, partially disassembling, removing lithium batteries and separating all of the recyclable parts from 5500 non-working drones.  Working temporarily alongside full time recycling workers in our…

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Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Even though this journalist did not mention us, Green Planet 21 IS the recycling company that is working with The Ocean Cleanup. Environmental company to clean ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ from Alameda

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Choose Sustainable Recycling Practices for a Booming Reno/Sparks

East of Reno/Sparks NV along Route 80, wild horses graze and run freely in the booming new industrial area. Green Planet 21 has been working in Reno/Sparks since 1999. Having grown into the need for a larger location, we are building our third facility on Byars Lane in Sparks, NV. Cindy Felton and Scott Graves,…

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