System Beauty Product Destruction

Paul and M.C. meet at System Beauty

In this new video, Paul Simonetti takes us inside the warehouse of System Beauty. System Beauty is a third party logistics provider exclusive to the beauty industry. Therefore, the Company provides clients with logistics and shipping for beauty products. Beauty products fill the entire warehouse of System Beauty. CEO M.C. Johnson explains, “Quite often throughout…

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How to Recycle Business Waste Cardboard and Paper

Cindy Felton is based in northern Nevada where she works together with our Reno/Sparks team educating customers on how to recycle materials for commercial cardboard recycling. Cindy points out that some customers have become used to putting their recycling all into one recycling bin. The problem with putting all of the recyclables into one recycling…

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Use Durable U.S. Made Balers for Recycling

Green Planet 21 offers durable, pre-owned U.S. manufactured balers for rent or purchase. Our balers are reconditioned and fully warrantied. When boxes and other protective packaging accumulate as refuse in your store or factory, it becomes imperative to handle and remove the scrap as efficiently as possible. With a vertical baler, the recyclable material can…

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