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Recycle Cardboard Multiple Times

Bankers boxes for shredding.

Clean U.S.scrap cardboard is in demand as a recyclable commodity around the world because of its exceptional qualities. Watch these videos to see what this looks like. Green Planet 21 works within a global system to recycle cardboard over and over. Every year, the U.S. uses goods protected by many millions of tons of cardboard.In…

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System Beauty Product Destruction

Paul and M.C. meet at System Beauty

In this new video, Paul Simonetti takes us inside the warehouse of System Beauty. System Beauty is a third party logistics provider exclusive to the beauty industry. Therefore, the Company provides clients with logistics and shipping for beauty products. Beauty products fill the entire warehouse of System Beauty. CEO M.C. Johnson explains, “Quite often throughout…

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Product Destruction Near Tacoma

Listen to Diane Robinson tell the short story of a product destruction for a video game maker. Product destruction goes like this: A customer contacts us because they merchandise they cannot sell. Most of their manufacturing goes well but a few of their gadgets don’t work. Something fell off the assembly line and became dented.…

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Sell Scrap Cardboard

Sell scrap cardboard without these contaminants

When you want to sell cardboard scrap into today’s recycling markets, what do you need to know? Our Phoenix plant manager Rick Smith manages our plant where we process scrap materials for the world’s recycling markets. In this video, Rick shows you just what to keep separate from your cardboard. Be sure to exclude waxed…

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How to Recycle Business Waste Cardboard and Paper

Cindy Felton is based in northern Nevada where she works together with our Reno/Sparks team educating customers on how to recycle materials for commercial cardboard recycling. Cindy points out that some customers have become used to putting their recycling all into one recycling bin. The problem with putting all of the recyclables into one recycling…

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What to Avoid When Preparing Cardboard for Recycling

Across the recycling industry, we must all reduce and control any possible contamination to ensure the quality of the commodity materials we sell to end users. Meet Bill Anady, Plant Manager for Green Planet 21 at the Port of Tacoma. Bill says, “There is no current market for mixed, unsorted, or unclean recycling materials. This…

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12 Minutes with Steve Sutta on Recycling Today

Steve has worked with paper mills in China for 40 years. He is the founder and CEO of Green Planet 21. In 12 minutes you can have his thoughts on recycling and sustainability matters and the dynamics of the global marketplace today. Steve covers the National Sword, China’s new inspections and special actions, commingled recyclables,…

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Loaning Balers for Hurricane Relief

In South East Texas, we hope to help companies that need help handling scrap paper, cardboard, or ruined goods. Green Planet 21 can loan baling equipment where there is adequate electrical power and adequate volumes. Watch this video to learn more. Read about balers and compactors below. The volume of your scrap recyclables will determine…

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Multiple Options for Product Destruction in Salt Lake City

In Salt Lake City, customers use our product destruction service over and over again. We’ve been doing a lot of these toothpaste tubes for the past 3 weeks. Here is what that looks like: For destruction, our plant in Salt Lake City is one of our most advanced facilities. We have several equipment options with…

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Examples of Product Destruction

Everywhere around the country, manufacturers have products where something has gone wrong or someone has made a mistake. Instead of burying them in a landfill at high cost, it is often viable to depackage and shred the product and recycle as much of it as possible. We guarantee destruction and prevent packaging, outdated product, and…

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